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Slimy car salesman type turkey giveaway ads are common in our profession. Is that what you want representing you??

The Big Question...

Does your Digital marketing agency ACTUALLY Understand Your Business?

In business, sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees.

Our industry is no exception.

So many marketing companies, whether they be print, digital, or something else, are typically only concerned with selling you the next big promotion, or one piece of the puzzle, and how you put it together is up to you. If it doesn’t work, there’s no one to blame but you, right?  

The ones that are results driven are typically only concerned with the “pop” created by their ad. They don’t typically concern themselves with the long term brand of your practice or how it fits into your marketplace.

We’ve all seen ads for the Audiologist or Hearing Specialist who is giving away turkeys at Thanksgiving. 

Yuck, right? 

What’s worse, the bigger outfits actually focus their attention and make their living convincing manufacturers to partner with them- as opposed to connecting with consumers in the marketplace… but…

…isn’t that what YOU actually need to do?

The average practice owner is too busy running their practice to learn everything they need to know about to execute their digital strategy effectively.  This is a case where it makes sense to outsource the heavy lifting and management to a team leader who is not only an expert in that world, but is also a practice owner- who approaches the digital presence of a practice in a way only a practice owner would. 

Practice Website Services

How much could you save?

Get a professional, attractive practice website designed for your business and brand-  hosted for as little as $139 per month.*

*initial setup fee required

Most Hearing Care Marketing companies won't tell you this...

But, A Website Is Only The START Of Your Online Presence.
To Get The Results Your Practice Needs Out Of Your Investment In Digital Marketing, We Have To Get Beyond Just The Website.
This Is Why Going With Typical Hearing Care Digital Agency Is Such A Bad Idea.
They Seldom Tell You What You Are Going To Need To Make Your Web Presence Work For You… Probably Because They Are Overcharging So Much For A Website And Hosting. 

All Of The Below Services Come In To Play…. We Call It Your Marketing Stack

 How Do You Stack Up? Keep Reading And We’ll Tell You How You Can Find Out. 

Your Website

You need a website built for your practice with as much custom copy as possible. An audiology website provider that reproduces the same website over and over should NEVER charge more than $250 per month.

Did it hurt to read that? In a lot of cases, it should. Many practices are paying five times that for a website just like a provider in the next town over.


Many web providers "say" they offer SEO.

But what are they really doing? Are they telling you how you are ranging for the keywords that are important in your market? Are they working on your indexing and authority both on and off your website?

Are they showing you the efforts they are making and giving you a report of your results?

We do.

Paid Campaigns

Paid campaigns are a critical part of an effective Omnichannel strategy, but need to be combined with the right landing pages. Some marketing companies charge 150 per month to create and host landing pages. If you are a customer of ours and we handle your paid Google, Facebook, or Instagram marketing, landing pages are included in your package.

Local Search

Those maps listings that show up in Google that we almost all go to first when looking for a local business?

You need to be there.

You're a local business.


There are over 500 indexing sites on the internet that a hearing care practice should show up on in order to maximize trust and hold a steady SEO ranking.

How many have accurate information (or any information at all) about your practice?

Content Marketing​

Blogs are critical for your practice website.

But, this isn't just because people read them daily. This is because unique content helps you show up in search engines as an authority on subjects related to your practice.

Having someone supply your business the same blogs as hundreds of other other practices? This can actually hurt your ranking.

Dusty Potter

Owner and Head of Production

Derek Naranjo

Data Analysis and Optimization Specialist

Ryan Bennett

Digital Accounts Manager

Rob Kirkland

Director of Communication

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