amplifyCRM Pro

amplifyCRM Pro

Stop Overspending. Get Better Results.

You have a call tracking platform, Facebook Messenger, a review generation platform, and 5 other types of marketing you’ve been meaning to get going for your practice. What if you could do it all in one place, for a price that you can actually afford?

Now you Can.

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Here’s just a taste of what you can do with amplifyCRM Pro

Practices Need amplifyCRM Pro

As a practice owner, it is always important to know the numbers and statistics in your company. To know your best patients, campaigns, and know what is working or not working. I’ve spent years and millions of dollars finding the right combination of services for our profession, and now that I have a setup that is REALLY working, I’m offering this setup to my other colleagues in the industry.

You can take control of your marketing, whether digital or terrestrial, and communicate with your patients like never before.

We developed amplifyCRM to be the perfect companion to our office management system, amplifyOMS– but, you don’t have to be an amplifyOMS user to take advantage of this powerful functionality.

Not everyone out there has the passion,or even the time, to learn to use this on their own- I’ll admit that.

But, if you will take the time to learn how to harness your practice data, your results will speak for themselves, your revenue cycle will stabilize, and your patients will sing your praises.

And,if you need help- we offer those services for when you get stuck or just want someone else to build what you are thinking- and we do it for much less than you might think.

It’s time to take your practice marketing and communication to the next level.

Dusty Potter, BC-HIS

Owner, Wichita Falls Hearing, amplifyOMS, and Ear Level Marketing